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Royal Roses has over 15 years of experience in add-value packing of Roses and Hydrangea cutflowers on a large professional scale: per stem, per (small) bunch or processed in abouquet. “Your wish is our command” so we will make sure your request will meet your requirements, quality and budget. With modern packing lines, large quantities of fresh products can be processed which will fit your needs even on the busy ‘flower’ days like Christmas, valentines or mothersday. Customization of added value materials like foil, stickers, labels and specific packaging or racks can be delivered at competitive rates.

Ordering and delivery

Both one-off orders, large actions or year-round orders are possible. Promotion and branding for a unique appearance fitted on a retail shop concept can be discussed and offered. Deliveries can be arranged throughout Europe, with labels and specific barcodes to support the logistical processes.

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