Red Naomi Grower

Royal Roses is a grower of Red Naomi roses since 2008 and selling this beautiful rose to wholesalers, florists and retailers all over the world.

Red Naomi! is a beautiful attractive classic red rose with deep green leaves and a delicious sweet flavor.

Red Naomi! Specialist


Red Naomi! Quality & Love.

Red Naomi! is created in the Netherlands by Peter Schreurs (Uithoorn), and was produced (grown) in 2006 for the first time. The beauty of model Naomi Campbell was been the inspiration for Peter Schreurs to name the rose and provide love for millions of people.

Red Naomi! is unique in her kind and has become the most popular red rose worldwide. 175 million Red Naomi! roses ares sold annually. The rose will stay between 10 and 14 days in the vase, under optimal conditions this can even be longer.

Professional arrangers and florists prefer the Red Naomi because of its beauty and excellent quality characteristics.


Red Naomi! Specialist

Royal Roses is Red Naomi grower since 2008 and selling this product to wholesalers, florists and retailers all over the world.

Besided the traditional 20 stem bunch of roses, Royal Roses is specialised in packing and processing of roses.

Our products can be delivered in any form (tailor made) for example:

  • Red Naomi! packed with fern or bear grass
  • Red Naomi! incorporated into a small bouquet of eg. 3 6 steal
  • Glitters and special adaptations of the flower and leaves
  • Specific added value packaging such as glass, cellophane, tags and labels


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