Cut Hydrangea’s

Since 2018 we are growing cut Hydrangea’s under the ‘Royal Hydrangea‘ brand. They are grown under optimal conditions in our greenhouses. The Hydrangea varieties we are selected to be ‘season filling’ to supply this beautiful product almost year round. The quality level is similar as our cut roses and peonies: very high and outstanding. This means that you can expect fresh, uniform products which will last long and will shine by perfect appearance characteristics.

hydrangea greenhouse flower grower
Mickey Hogervorst, master grower of cut Hydrangea’s
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Magical Emerald Classic - Royal Hydrangea

Een sterke bloe, kleurt van lichtroze naar diepgroen. Bijnaam 'De Hulk'.

Opal - Royal Hydrangea

Opal - Snij Hortensia - Royal Hydrangea

Glowing Alps - Royal Hydrangea

Glowing Alps - Snij Hortensia - Royal Hydrangea

Emerald - Royal Hydrangea

Emerald - Witte Snij Hortensia - Royal Hydrangea

Coral - Royal Hydrangea

Coral - Roze met groen Snij Hortensia - Royal Hydrangea

Rodeo - Royal Hydrangea

Rodeo - Roze Snij Hortensia - Royal Hydrangea

Amethyst - Royal Hydrangea

Amethyst 1 - De 'Toverbal' Snij Hortensia - Royal Hydrangea Dit is net een toverbal...

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